The Idea and Vision of My child is generated by Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Das. This initiative is very close to his heart as he is living up to his father’s dreams and vision.

Dr. Sanjeev’s father, Late Dr. Shashank Shekhar Das was a renowned doctor who served with his profession for about 30 years and was treated as a godfather by the people of the area he worked in i.e. Begun town of Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. After his death in 1988, he was honored by the people with his statue been established in the government hospital he served his patients.

With the same quest in mind, Dr. Sanjeev took this unique idea of “MY CHILD” into consideration so that nobody gets pain of the missing loved one. The project is ready to go live on 01/01/2018 This initiative step is taken with this perception that India’s all coming generation and present generation will get the benefit of it and parents and administration of any state will have the satisfaction of safety and track of loving one of any family member.

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Das vision is a drive for noble cause, to serve the society so that nobody is barred from receiving real time assistance.