About Us

My child Developed platform is heaving very important vital role for every Indian citizen. The portal is perceived that every citizen of the India is a child of the nation and that is Great INDIA. This portal is developed with the basic perception of the prevention of the HUMAN TRAFFICKING, but it is not limited to this object only it has been enriched with some more value added services like Education, Medical services, and your district related grievance for solving in “Real Time”. Along with that, this portal is going to add some value-add extension that every person's data can be digitized. The user may be the employee of any segment, that may be private, corporate or government can make him all service related data digitized and use at the time of requirement. And some more facility will be extended in coming a time as it grew and based on the requirement.

Who will be benefited?

1. New Born Baby: It is very challenging part to make it possible to save any newborn baby from trafficking since it is a highly prone segment to the HUMAN TRAFFICKING industries. Where some hospital staff are found guilty. In some cases, parents are also selling their newborn baby due to poverty and all hidden reasons. Along with that, some organized human trafficking gang is also working for stolen the newborn babies from the birthplaces, and some factors are there which are working for this. We found that 180 new born babies are missing every day in India The statistics are sombre, heart-breaking. Two out of three missing children in India remain untraced in three years, the wait for them an excruciating see-saw between agony and hope for those who love them. On the occasion of International Missing Children's Day on 25 May, Child Rights And You (CRY) compiled these sobering statistics in a report that also noted that the number of untraced children had witnessed a sharp increase in the country.

We tried to make an effort with the innovative support of a District administration that we will reach every newborn baby and will help them technically to put into the safeguard zone as a parenting umbrella of the Indian baby.

2. Girl Child: This is another big segment that where our 50 % of coming generation has to be ready to take preventive measurements for not exposed in the area of human trafficking. The data, available with the Ministry of Home Affairs, shows that the number of untraced children in the country has increased by 84% between 2013 and 2015. The total number of untraced children in 2015 was 62,988 as against 34,244 in the year 2013.

Around seven million girls go missing in India every decade, with the fall in sex ratio corresponding with rising affluence, increasing the availability of sex-determination technology and declining family size. We just reached the district administration for their attentive initiative for providing “MOTHERS PALLU” to the girl's child. This is a call to leaders of the district administration that how they become the technical parent of all girl children for extending and bringing them in parents shadow.

3. School Students: students who go missing may be exploited and abused for various purposes from camel jockeys in the Gulf countries to victims of organ trade and even grotesque cannibalism as reported at Nithari village in Noida. There are also a large number of children who run away from homes after dropping out of school or facing difficulties at home. They usually run away to the glamorous big cities where they fall prey to exploiters and are employed in tea stalls, brothels, beggary, etc. Most of the children come from poorer families who do not have access to police services or whose reports are not taken seriously.

We reached the district administration for providing an extra technical uniform to the students for their safety since they are out of the reach while they are moving in between school and home.

Along with that, we have taken care of education because the maximum area of India is covered by the rural areas. In rural areas, more than 50% of the population is young and children, who are in dire need of education for their bright future. These children and youngster are future of the county. In such a situation, due to lack of good schools, they are not getting a good education. For education, the people have to send their children away from home to a city. Those who have good economic status do so, but 50% of the people cannot send their children for education to the city because of their bad financial condition. To come out from this problem, the necessary action must be taken by the government of India.

Apart from this, there are some problems that keep children away from the good education.
• Lack of good schools.
• Lack of skilled teachers.
• Lack of teacher’s good performance and deep motivation.
• Lack of dedication to teaching to the children.
• Lack of infrastructures like the facility of drinking water, functional toilets and separate toilets for girls.
• Lack of valuable lessons.
• Lack of quality training for teachers.
With the help of regular registration, we could able to reach to those students who are lacking quality education and able to provide 100% reach to the students for the interest of the nation with the today effort by providing technical uniform to them.

4. Adult: A missing person is a person who has disappeared and whose status as alive or dead cannot be confirmed as his or her location and fate are not known. Laws related to missing persons are often complex since, in many jurisdictions, relatives and third parties may not deal with a person's assets until their death is considered proven by law and a formal death certificate issued. The situation, uncertainties, and lack of closure or a funeral resulting when a person goes missing may be extremely painful with long-lasting effects on family and friends.

A person may go missing due to an accident, crime, death in a location where they cannot be found (such as at sea), or many other reasons, including voluntary disappearance. In some countries, missing persons' photographs are posted on bulletin boards, milk cartons, postcards, and websites, to publicize their description. People disappear for many reasons. Some individuals choose to disappear alone.

Reasons for non-identification may include:

a. To escape domestic abuse by a parent(s)/guardian(s)/sibling(s)/spouse.
b. Leaving home to live somewhere else under a new identity.
c. Becoming the victim of kidnapping.
d. Abduction (of a minor) by a non-custodial parent or another relative.
e. Seizure by government officials without due process of law.
f. Suicide in a remote location or under an assumed name (to spare their families the suicide at home or to allow their deaths to be eventually declared in absentia).
g. Victim of murder (body disguised, destroyed, or hidden).
h. Mental illness or other ailments such as Alzheimer's Disease can cause someone to become lost, or they may not know how to identify themselves due to long-term memory loss that causes them to forget where they live, the identity of family members or relatives, or their names.
i. Death by natural causes (disease) or accident far from home without identification.
j. Disappearance to take advantage of better employment or living conditions elsewhere.
k. Sold into slavery, serfdom, sexual servitude, or other unfree labour.
l. To avoid discovery of a crime or apprehension by law-enforcement authorities. (See also the failure to appear.)
m. Joining a cult or other religious organization that requires no contact with the outside world.
n. To avoid war or persecution during a genocide.
o. To escape famine or natural disaster.
p. Death by floods, flash floods, debris flows, hurricanes, tsunamis and tornadoes.
q. Death in the water, with nobody, recovered.

Some of the above reasons are very vital and due to that lots of the individuals are suffering. My Child is not limited to this facility only. We have extended a unique facility for all adults.
That is
1. “Real-time” life-saving mechanism
2. Employee managerial services
3. Local grievances

1. “Real-time” life-saving mechanism:It is the product of engineering in between social instinct of any human being, and today’s available technology. We tried to generate a channelized system, in between available recourses, in medical industries, as life-saving instruments and tried to develop, such a system which will bring an absolute belongingness in between patient (VICTIM), and HUMAN BEING who is having a bit of social instinct. It will increase communal harmony, which is fundamental need of any smart city.
In medical history, it will be the first time ever when in a city, if any person sick and need of life saving support, than his/her nearby AMBUTTER (A human being who is ready to serve the society willingly), Nearest hospital, Nearest Doctor, Nearest SHO, Nearest blood bank, Nearest diagnostic laboratory and nearest medical shop, along with one nominated relative of patient (VICTIM), will get the real-time notification, to provide the life support. This will drastically reduce a time to reach the life support to any patient (VICTIM) with the support of GPS integration. The even complete medical report can be forward to the Hospital, doctor, and all relevant agencies.

2. Employee managerial services:Employees in India refers to employment in the economy of India. In 2012, there were around 487 million workers, the second largest after China. Of these over 94 percent work in unincorporated, unorganized enterprises ranging from pushcart vendors to home-based diamond and gem polishing operations. The organized sector includes workers employed by the government, state-owned enterprises and private sector enterprises. In 2008, the organized sector employed 27.5 million workers, of which 17.3 million worked for the government or government-owned entities.
It was expected in thirteenth Finance commission report that employee of all sectors must get integrated human resource management System. Where an employee can get one-stop solutions for all the needs. And they may be regular, or they may be a pensioner of any sector.
We observed this need very carefully and examined. We found that that employee generally keep themselves busy with their assigned job and they have very less time to maintain their record. Due to this gape or lack of record management they loss huge amount at the time of pension benefits settlement. Some time due to unavailability of records employee could not be able to furnish that specific document to the concern department and employee. That turns in to the panic situation for employees. My Child Portal has been Enriched for EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT where it can be used in both ways. It can be used by employment sectors as well as an employee as an individual. With the help of this EMS, an employee could able to manage to keep records of his salary. Personal information, service book record, leave record, ITR filling and many more facilities have been provided after a long research requirement in this employment sector. An employee can upload his all relevant document and entries. He /she will get access to it 24×7 anywhere everywhere.
The objective of the whole exercise is to come up with a flexible and state of the art solution that will provide a framework for effective e-governance for all the sectors.

3. Local grievances:In the provided solution we will interlink the district grievance cell to reach the entire user in time with all possible alert and for their need. Which can be monitored by the DM and all authorized person by him.

How My child works:

We have developed a mechanism of tracking in a different way, where parents along with the district administration which includes police can able to trace any candidate who is registered with My Child, and they can send msg as well communicate on it. For this, we have provided a different panel for login with a full hierarchy of permissions for the same.

Very importantly we would like to mention that this human trafficking is not limited to any district or state. As per the serve, 90% trafficking is interstate, and 10 % are a cross border. With the keeping of this perception in mind, we have created a national portal in the interest of the public in mass, so the participation of every district is very effective to make it a success in the interest of the nation.

Provided panels for authority those who are responsible for the security of any level.
1. Parents
2. District magistrate and authorized person
3. Police superintend and authorized person
4. Chief medical officers
5. All hospitals in district
6. All Schools/ colleges in District
7. Employment officers
8. Social security officers
9. Social welfare officers
10. Women and child development officers
11. Nagar Parishad/ Nagar Palika / Panchayat (those who do birth registration and certification )
12. And all possible departments those who want to take an active participation in anti-human trafficking movement in INDIA.

All department can register themselves and then they can register n number of users. They may be a newborn baby, school going children, Girlchild, any adult who is having a bit of doubt of kidnapping and all citizen of INDIA those who were going outside from town for the job, study or any means.

Registration process:
1. Very simple form is there which is required to fill
2. Required to fill aadhar card details.
3. Under the provision of UIDAI, now newborn baby can have aadhar card, and provision is given in CELC(Child enrolment lite enrolment ).
4. All user is required to pay 500/- Rs. For lifetime (100 Years)
a. In case of a girl child, this amount can be bear by hospitals, women and child development department, local NGO, local Donor who is ready to associate with this project, society, and trust.
b. In case of a private hospital, they should do it by themselves only since they are profit based organization.
c. Parents.
d. In case of private schools, they should do it by themselves only since they are profit based organization.
e. In case of the adult user himself or herself.

What we provide:
1. We will provide one “MOBILE SIM” “WITH SPECIFIC NUMBER” to the user.
2. That number will have lifetime validity.
3. That will be prepaid basis “special number” from the network provider.
4. The first recharge will be made by the PRANDHARIN TRUST.
5. Then as per the commercial and personal use, user can recharge it.
6. The user can use this SIM in mobile as a normal course.
7. If user does not recharge, also this provided SIM will remain active for the all the purpose.
8. For any value, added service user is supposed to pay as per the discounted tariff extended by the service provider.
9. Basic SIM will have all facility, where user can upgrade it

Active the facility:
1. In case of a newborn baby, SIM will be issued to the parents but it will be dedicated to newborn baby, and in case of more number of babies of the same parent then each baby will have separate mobile number and SIM.
2. Required to active, so a user is required to go to the retail shop of network provider and there it will be active without any charge since all the instruction has been passed to retailers.
3. In case of mass activation, some agent will come from the network provider at the location, and they will get activate it (School).

1. The basic purpose of tracking will start with immediate effect after filling the form.
2. After activation of SIM user can have all type of excess on the SIM.
3. Administration can have all the information related to the child.
4. All the vaccination detail will be available with due reminder and monitoring to the hospitals as well as parents.
5. All events like pulse Polio can be managed and monitor that how many children are left from the vaccination.
6. Schools will have all the managerial excess to reach the students with homework and performance.
7. Students will have facilities of the e- classes.
8. The real-time life-saving mechanism will be available.
9. Real-time ICU bed status.
10. Real-time blood status.
11. Real-time test available status.
12. Access to all the hospitals will be available. (Registered)
13. Access to all the doctors will be available. (Registered)
14. Access to all the blood bank will be available. (Registered)
15. Access to all the diagnostic laboratory will be available. (Registered)
16. Access to all the medical shop will be available. (Registered)
17. GPS tracking (restricted to authorized person).
18. Mobile-based tracking (restricted to authorized person).
19. Mobile network-based tracking (restricted to authorized person).
20. Digitization of the records as an employee of any segments.

1. Bar code: Every individual can get a bar code and put the print on the tag, and this bar code will not change in his whole life.
2. QR Code (Quick Response code): Every individual can get a bar code and put the print on the tag, and this barcode will not change in his whole life.
3. Finger print: Every user will have the facility of finger print tracking.
4. Retina: Every user will have the facility of retina based tracking.
5. Face reading: Every user will have the facility of face reading based tracking.
6. GPS gadget: User may apply gadget for tracking.
7. Mobile Tracking: Software-based tracking will be available.
8. DNA: DNA can be extracted from virtually any part of the human body. The most common source of DNA is blood or soft tissues. DNA can be extracted from the semen, saliva, hair roots and even from nails.
9. AADHAR integrated by electronic number will be traced.

How to act by the agencies:
1. Hospitals:
i. Hospitals are required to fill their complete data before activation their hospital profile.
ii. Just after the birth of any child, they are required to fill the data and get the barcode/ QR code so that tag can be attached to that newborn baby and can be tracked. Before discharging they are supposed to fill all the required data and issue discharge certificate of “MY CHILD”.
iii. Vaccination details are requiring in filled by default provided a sheet.
2. Schools:
i. Schools are required to fill their complete data before activation their hospital profile.
ii. All the students are required to fill their data so they can be tracked while out of school and home.
iii. Paste bar code/ QR Code in their work book, books, begs and bottles. Evan you can provide bar code/ QR Code on their badges, tie.
iv. This is not at all any trouble some process, but defiantly user (Student) and school will have great help with this.
v. You can have all managerial activity through this portal.
vi. Homework assignments or any MSG school can have excess to pass to their students through their parents.
vii. E – classes for quality education.
viii. Any medical need can be extended in real time to any school.
3. Parents:
i. Parents can associate their children’s number with their mobile application and can have to access their location.
ii. They should put barcode or QR code on their children all workbook, books, water bottles, inside of the shoes, school begs.
iii. Will get all information about their children’s study and development.
iv. Parents will have the facility to access the hospitals and doctors.
4. District magistrate and authorized person:
i. Desktop monitoring panel for all segments.
ii. Daily birth rates.
iii. Children’s complied movement status.
iv. Can able to track individual registered users.
v. Direction for not issuing any new AADHAR card to the five-year-old children without verification. (without knowing delay of issuing AADHAR will help identify already trafficked baby since 98% AADHAR was ISSUED.)
vi. Required to issue a direction to get register themselves and start the registration process. (Set Performa is enclosed for all the departments).
5. Police superintend and authorized person:
i. Desktop monitoring panel for all segments.
ii. Daily birth rates.
iii. Children’s complied movement status.
iv. Can able to track individual registered users.
v. Direction for not issuing any new AADHAR card to the five-year-old children without verification. (without knowing delay of issuing AADHAR will help identify already trafficked baby since 98% AADHAR was ISSUED.)
6. Chief medical officers:
i. A direction is required to issue all the hospitals for taking action as a process is briefed for the hospital, detail process can be download from this link…….
ii. Hospitals monitoring panel.’
iii. Daily birth report.
iv. Daily vaccination report.
7. Employment officers:
i. They are supposed to register all the 18-year citizen under this portal.
ii. Since lots of cases are found that due to a cause of labour requirements, human trafficking has taken places.
iii. Create employment by registering on EMS portal. The extension provided to all the 18 year and above youth so they can have access to employment.
iv. With the support of this portal, youth can have organized support for the jobs along with digitized record.
v. It will create their profile score for getting the jobs and batter placement with a successive carrier.
vi. Issuing barcode/ QR code after registration of the user on the portal will help them to identify.
8. Social security officers:
i. Should take care of Hotel resident students and their registration.
ii. Girl child should get register with this portal for ensuring the batter and secure life under the umbrella of district administration.
9. Social welfare officers:
i. Should take care of Hotel resident students and their registration.
ii. Girl child should get register with this portal for ensuring the batter and secure life under the umbrella of district administration.
10. Women and child development officers:
i. Should take care of Hotel resident students and their registration.
ii. Girl child should get register with this portal for ensuring the batter and secure life under the umbrella of district administration.
iii. All the girls and ladies under your coverage area should come under this umbrella of district administration so they can have batter feeling of movement in the city or town.
11. Nagar Parishad/ Nagar Palika / Panchayat (those who do birth registration and certification):
i. Make this mandatory before issuing a birth certificate after babies’ registration with the portal “My Child”.
ii. It will be a great help to any newborn citizen of India that you are bringing them under the umbrella of safety.
iii. It will improve the district monitoring system, and with your effort stolen episode of any baby can be stopped.
We appeal to all District magistrates for taking innovative step towards this. Issue directions to the concern authority and appoint a nodal office for this. So we can have smooth functioning with him and could able to send the relative material as well as mobile SIM for the proper distribution.
Launching process will be announced very shortly.
We are in need of your kind support for making it a success since it is the first-ever step, is taken for the anti-human trafficking and we have tried to make it more value-added services so it can be more useful to all.
If we can able to save one life in your district then our purpose will be solved.